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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When I came up with the idea of creating a blog to document my first year in the kitchen I had many visions.  The colors, the pictures, the recipes....but, when I asked my new handsome husband what he would like for our second (yes, I already made dinner as a married lady, salad to start with an Italian vinaigrette and beef stroganoff) dinner he said "broccoli and cheese soup."  I have to admit, I do make a mean broccoli cheese soup but, that is not on" the list."  So, I figured I would have to make something to go along with it that bread.  Then I looked up the recipe for beer bread.  Sounds easy...and lame.  But, here goes nothing.  

I found the recipe on and went from there.  First, I didn't have any dried sage so I went with more of an Italian take on beer bread.  I used Italian seasoning and poultry seasoning--hey, there is sage in there! 

Since I was going with the Italian feel, I thought I should add some parmesan cheese as well.  I used a Mai Bock for the beer, dark and rich.  I thought it needed a little savory/salty as well so I popped a little Worcestershire sauce in as well. 

50 minutes later, this beauty came out of the oven.  

I also made the broccoli cheese soup that Mr. Schwartz requested and loves so much.  I added the recipe from the on the completed recipe page. 

The end result, the hubby likey.  

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