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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A while ago I found out about an opportunity to try O Olive Oil through eRecipiecards.com.  I was one of 24 bloggers to try the olive oil and vinegar duos then develop a recipe using them.  

To be honest, I was a bit skeptic.  I'm one of those people who buys the "middle of the road" vinegar and olive oils because I didn't think it made that big of a difference.  After trying these, I was whistling a different tune.  I couldn't tell much difference for the vinegar because, I honestly don't know a lot about vinegar.  For the olive oil, I was super impressed by the clementine flavor.  From what I read, O Olive Oil presses the olives and other ingredients rather than infusing.  I really thinks it makes a big difference.  This stuff is sweet.  And um, talk about adorable packaging.  
 Here is the duo I was sent.
 Again, adorbs.
 To try it out, I just added a bit of the clementine olive oil
 A little of the Zinfandel vinegar
 Fresh black pepper
 And a pinch of salt
 Some good bread and it was the perfect little taste test.  The clementine flavor really came through
 This would be a wonderful appetizer
Delish.   I really want to try a few other varieties like the Roasted Garlic and White Balsamic , and Lime and Ginger.  Also, with such pretty packaging, these would make a great gift.  Hint hint.  Just kidding….

Also, eRecipecards is a pretty cool little (and growing) website that allows food bloggers to post their recipes in one place.  You can check out my page here.

*Please note that I was supplied with O Olive Oil and Vinegar however, these opinions, as usual, are 100% my own*

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