Cabin 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

If you were wondering where I disappeared to last week, here is a little (well big--I couldn't cut many pictures out) taste of what I was up to.  My parents rented a cabin for all of us to stay in.  The crew included, my brother and his lovely wife, their two twin-two-year-old girls, my parents and Mr. Schwartz and myself.  Enjoy the cabin eye candy! 

The first night we arrived we heard rumblings about "campfire donuts."  Clearly we were intrigued considering a. I have a food blog b. my brother is ob-sessed with donuts and c. aren't we all obsessed with donuts?
This is what we came to find...

Ah yeah, I think we will stay...

This is what I'd like to call "A Toddler on a Mission."

Campfire donuts--do it.  Carefully though, that oil was blazin' hot.
This is their new thing, pick anything up and it is a camera.  This one "flashlight camera."
Back to the cabin for some fun...I love this picture.
The official fly swatter.
The next day, boat ride.
This baby needed her hood down so she could feel the breeze in those piggies.  Then she was one happy girl.
"We're HERE!"

Driving with Papa.

When you asked her what she did earlier in the day she would say "boat ride, beep beep."
Morning dance party--one in their jammies, one in their day clothes.

Then the bunny got in on some cabin dancing...

This kid loves to jam.
Twin sister magic.

My man in his element.

Boys don't smile in pictures where they catch fish: fact.

Captain Dad.
Campfire Bay Resort.  I love you.
Colored bubbles...kind of a flop.

The beach is always a winner.

Beach babes.

Moonwalk...we made my brother try it.  There were very few that succeeded on going all the way down to the end.

A sweet moment between Mr. Schwartz and his double A partner.  But, she is a toddler and didn't stay still for long.

Still trying to get the hang of taking a picture with the new camera ourselves...not easy : )

Watching the campfire in the firetruck--just in case.

Morning toddler montage.
She is smiling while sister gives her the eye.

View from our cabin balcony.

Our abode + my seester.

The lodge--adorable coffee shop and game room inside.
Oh boy, the imagination on these two is going wild she was saying "we're dirty puppy" in a total I'm a cute toddler way.

The kids loved this bucket swing.  Clearly, she does not want to leave it.

Telling Papa "BIGGER"
The result.

Nana and baby love.
: )

Such a wonderful vacation!  Thanks Mom and Dad for an unforgettable time!

We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon! : )


  1. Now that was just really super sweet. :)

  2. Great pics! Sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks Terry! We had an awesome time…too bad vacations always come to an end! : )

  3. Nominated you for the Liebster Award. Stop by and check it out.

  4. wow I'd love to try those sugary fried doughnuts!!!! can't wait to try :)

  5. Heather posted this link on CBR FB page. I Love your picture! I was there the same week you were and saw those little cuties. I was there with my 7 year old twin daughters (you have a pic of their backs at donut night - one in pink, the other in purple) and my parents. This was our 4th year and we booked again for next year. Thanks for sharing your pics - truly memorable and always a fun time!


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