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Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm not sure if you heard or not but last weekend I attended the DailyBuzz Food Festival in San Francisco.   I met some awesome food bloggers and was able to taste a bunch of great food.  Here is my weekend in pictures…. mind you some of them are from my home so aren't of the excellent quality you usually see on the blog.  HA!
It started off right with tv's in the airplane…These made might flights go by much quicker. 
Once I landed I checked in to my totally crappy hotel (more to come on that later) and made my way to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.  
 They had a social hour complete with fancy drinks, good eats and swanky decor.
 The next event was a Dine Around Town and I went with Lizzie from the Rogue Runner, Gina from Health Love and Chocolate, Gabby from A Crafty Gourmet and Kristianne from My San Francisco Kitchen to Luella.

 I had the short rib lasagne with parmesan béchamel and tomato puree.  I die. After having a busy day of traveling this definitely hit the spot.
 Gina had an asparagus soup that looked to die for as well.
On the way back to the hotel, Buzz Brooks, our taxi driver attempted to makes hurl.  Not kidding…I was thiiiis close.  Oof.
The next day we had a scavenger hunt at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market.
 We had a small chat before that had to move outside because the fire alarm went off… fun times.
 After the chat Gina, Gabby and I wondered around the farmer's market working on the scavenger hunt.

 I mean seriously, aren't these carrots out of control?

 Whole apple pie that Gabby tried.

 I picked up some salmon jerky for the hubs.

 Inside the building

 Pretty pottery.
 Our scavenger hunt trio :)
 The cutest stand in the whole market.

 I mean seriously...

 Had to take a picture of this one for my twin nieces….

Pretty peppers. 

 After the market I was lucky enough to win my way into the TCHO chocolate factory
 Oh my word.
 I love their packaging.
 A super informative chat before we got to tasting the goods.
 Coco beans? Clearly I was paying attention during the talk...
 I do remember this is called coco liquor.  Probably because it sounds like booze..but that and coco butter make up chocolate.  Boom, see I did learn something.

They didn't let us take pictures during the actual tour/tasting so that's all I have…boo.
Well that's not all I have, I bought a bunch of chocolate.  It was life changing and no I'm not over exaggerating.
A quick walk to the Taste Pavilion...
 A bunch of foodies and venders came together to eat a bunch of stuff.
 Like grilled bison.  SO good.
 Local honey...
 Amazing cupcakes
 The spider…I die.
 THE best thing I had at the Taste Pavilion…Lemon Cookie ice cream.  OH MAH GAWD.
 More TCHO.  Can't have too much chocolate in a day...
 Granola and bars...
 Whoopie Pies.  So cute this lady makes them all in her kitchen.
 Pavilion buddies…Krista (from Budget Gourmet Mom) and Gina.
 The biscuit Blender was also there…remember that cute little shop in the Farmer's Market..yeah them.
 Honey iced tea…the peach was fantastic.
Cupcake Wines.  My fav.
 Chocolate candies...
 Fresh pickles...
 My nieces would have loved these.
 And a LickPop….and food coma.
 After the Taste Pavilion I went back to my crappy hotel and got ready for the Gala.  It was at the California Academy of Sciences.  I wish I would have taken more pictures because it was a really cool venue.
 Giraffe for my Mom.
 She loves them.
 Gabby and myself :)
 Food that was ultimately really cold because we were chatting so much..oops.  It still did taste good.

Lovely ladies, Stephanie (from Life Tastes Like Food), Melissa (from Serving Seconds), Gabby and myself.  These ladies are just fab.  I mean it.

After the gala I went back to my...
 Yep, you guessed it, crappy hotel room.  Well, technically this is the next day right before I took off.  No need to make the bed...
Seriously!?  No screen on the window that mind you, doesn't shut all the way and that heater/radiator whatever you want to call it..yeah it is falling off the wall. 
Make way for the luxurious bathroom…riiiight.

Yeah, I am just happy I made it out alive.  I did, and had a great time meeting awesome bloggers.

Thanks DailyBuzz Food for hosting a fun festival! And an even BIGGER HUGE thanks to Jimmy's Dressing for sponsoring my travel!  You totally ROCK.


Mrs. Schwartz

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  1. Well at least you didn't have to spend much time in the room. All the food looks amazing!!


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