Trader Joe's

Friday, November 30, 2012

Over Thanksgiving turkey my sister (in-law), Jenna, and I were talking about grocery stores.  That is when sweet Jenna broke my little sister heart.  She said "yeah, we have a Trader Joe's in town but I haven't been to it yet."  Bahhh... are we really related?  Can we still get along!?  So many emotions.  

I told Jenna that I recently went to TJ's and took some pictures of my favorite things because well, I'm a food blogger and we do stuff like that sometimes (coo coo coo coo).  I know.  So here are a few of my faves.  I have to say I did buy some things last time that I hadn't tried when I took the pictures so I didn't  "highlight" them but they are worth noting.  I will do that below.  
Okay, so here is everything I bought that day.  Things of note that I didn't take single pictures of: that vegetable fried rice: bomb.  Those chicken egg rolls: totally awesome.  Shampoo and conditioner in the left corner: left my hair silky and smooth.
Moving on to the staples....yes, Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans are a staple.  I leave them in my desk drawer at work when I need a little boost.
Oh, maybe I did take a picture of the shampoo.  This stuff is awesome and smells deeelish.
Tomato paste in a tube.  Holy moly I love this stuff.  Add a little to a pasta sauce and presto flavor boost.  Not to mention it is only ONE dollar at TJ's and other places its roughly $4.
Pizza dough.  I really do love this too.  Yeah, I know I make my own but sometimes the convenience of this is just worth it.  By worth it I mean less than $2.  It also freezes wonderfully so I usually buy a few and freeze what I'm not using that day.
Sea salt for a dollar something...yep.
Ground espresso.  Let's just be real, I drink a latte every day.  Apparently I'm high maintenance but I make it myself (99% of the time) and it really does save money.  Forever we were buying Caribou's espresso until I saw they had ground espresso at TJ's. tastes like EXACTLY the same and is half, yes you read that correctly half the price.
Panko bread crumbs for making the crispiest baked chicken fingers eva.
Jasmine rice.  Oh I love Jasmine rice.  Mr. Schwartz doesn't like it. Get this, he asks almost every time I make this "why can't we just have regular Minute Rice."  I reply with, "I can't believe we are married."
Brown Jasmine rice, even lower on Mr. Schwartz's list but ooooh so good for you.
And lastly, light coconut milk.  SO much cheaper at TJ's than anywhere else and it's light.  Pour some of that in your coffee...oooh baby.

That's it.  Jenna, have I convinced you to go yet?  I sure hope soooooo.  : )

What are your favorite things to buy at Trader Joe's?  I would love to add them to my list!

**DISCLAIMER:  Trader Joe's didn't pay me any money to promote their stuff and store.  I just really like it.  If they want to give me money, I would take it.  Just sayyyin'.


  1. I love it! Now I have a pre-populated list of what to get when I go. I have made it my personal mission to go to TJ's this weekend! Thanks sista (in law)!

  2. Other than the overabundance of cheap organic produce, I am totally in love with their peanut butter. It's the one with the elephant on it, salted, and it is, hands down, the best peanut butter ever. Even though you have to put in some arm work and stir when you first open, it stays creamy and spreadable the entire jar (even after being refrigerated since it's only peanuts and salt).
    Their hormone free milk is $2 cheaper than any other brand and their eggs are considerably cheaper here too. Same with their meats - free range chicken thighs are the same price or cheaper than the regular Safeway brand here as well.
    Come to think of it, there isn't much from TJ that we have tried and not liked. I'm a complete TJ fan and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

  3. The standard spaghetti sauce is fabulous! (and cheap)
    Other staples include the black bean soup, chimichurri rice blend, add chicken - viola! Wonderful Black Bean soup! (in a hurry, I might add)
    For Mr. Lactose Intolerance over here - Yogurt cheese, a DEFINITE staple in this house
    (PS: I totally agree on the chocolate espresso beans - YUM!)

  4. LOVE their Harvest Blend and their Peanut Butter with Flax seed :)

  5. mmm I also LOVE Trader Joes. I wish I had one closer to me but I am always up for going to check the store out that requires an extra 20 minute hike after work. it's well worth it! prices are great and the quality is superb.


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