Humann Wedding

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yes, we have friends with the last name Humann.  Remember when that Android commercial came out making fun of the fact that you can search for your "friends named Humann?"  Well, we have them…and they are awesome.

Andy and Jaime were married on June 8th and it was a beautiful day and as we expected, fantastic night.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

 The Wives..well almost all wives… :)

 Andy's Aunt and Uncle. They are so in love, it's adorable.

 Waiting for his bride.

 Flash of the flower girl.

 The Bride, Jaime took our breath away.  Absolutely gorgeous.

 YAY! Husband and Wife.
 The cutest guy at the wedding : )

Um, she had a VERA WANG dress.  
 Seriously amazing.

 Poor Jeremy was stuck in the corner with all the Wives.

 Cake: AMAZEBALLS. From Buttercream Bakery.
 First Dance, Thunder Road, Bruce Springsteen.

 Clearly having a good time.

Traditional Piano Man, a St. John's tradition.  No one knows where it started but the boys always do it.
Congrats to the Humanns!  We love you guys!

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  1. Wow! This is such a gorgeous event venue. Also, I simply loved everything about this post. The couple looks so adorable together. My wedding is also around the corner and I am so glad I can take wonderful ideas from this post. It is a perfect and a beautiful wedding.


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