Summer Vacation 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Remember when I hinted and out right told you that we were going on a road trip and then didn't show a single picture here?  Oh yeah, that just happened.  

Well, here is my redemption.  Mr. Schwartz and I decided to take a little road trip starting in Jamestwon, North Dakota since we would be there for the Humann Wedding.  Here is the journey via my iPhone….
 Since we were leaving from a wedding, I was hung---over.  As in wishing I would just sleep, never getting into a comfortable position in the car and needing a super greasy breakfast sandy.
 Um yeah, that was at the beginning of the trip.  Puke…almost literally….

 Oh here's me checking out the scenery trying not to toss my breakfast sandy.
 Of course Mr. Schwartz spots some wild life…a buffalo in the canyon.
 Had to post this one since he is so cute…me on the other hand, I have had better days…like much better days.
 This is how we felt when we got to Billings, Montana.  We had pizza and I fell asleep at 6:30pm waking up at 8:30 am.  No joke.  I felt like a million bucks when I woke up.
 So on the road we went after a stellar hotel breakfast...

 We made it to Yellowstone Lake.  And it was gorgeous!
 Then to the Grand Caynon of Yellowstone.  BREATHTAKING.  Seriously looks pretend, right?
 Saw a bunch of elk..which Mr. Schwartz obviously loved.  My Hunter Man.
 We finally got to our resort which was amazing!  It was one of our splurges but worth every penny.  Unfotunately I thought I had mapped out how far away from Yellowstone it was but…I didn't really calculate how long it would take.  Turns out we have to take "Snake Road" as we called it (the road was a one lane road that was mainly dirt and winded around in the woods and mountains) an hour and a half back and fourth every day.  Well, wasn't ideal since we were thinking we would drive back and forth for two days.
 Seriously adorable, right?
 Huge juicy 1/2 pound burger that really no one should consume…it was amazing.
 The following day we decided that we would check out Jackson Hole, Jenny Lake in the Teton National Forest and Jackson, Wyoming.
 First we need some fuel.  Guess who's was who's…my Hus drinks girlie coffee. : )

 Throughout the trip I thought it would be a good idea to text my nieces, who are now three, pictures of things they would like.  Here is an example….Ava, would always reply "Can I ride it?"  She is awesome.
 Here's where we could have gone on a nice little boat ride to the Hidden Falls of Jenny Lake.  Well, Mr. Schwartz decided we should hike out there and take the boat back…like 5 miles…on a harder trail because the easy one was under construction.
 It started out super nice, it was a beautiful day, look how happy I am…
 About here I wanted to die.
 But here, here it was worth it.

 We then made it to the Snake River Brewing Company and made up for all of that hiking with a flight of beer
 And the most amazing French Onion Soup I have ever had.
 After that we took a little dip in the pool.  Well, more like sexy hot tub grotto.
 Took a little stroll through the resort.  I'm obsessed with little streams.
 Casually won in the claw game.  I'm the ultimate claw champion…(yes, I understand it's chance but I'm seriously good at it).
 Over a couple (million dollar) White Russians at the resort bar we planned out our trip back through Yellowstone and to Glacier National Park.
 Which consisted of waking up SUPER early…on vacation.
 Lucky for us, Pookie, Mr. Schwartz's Recruiter (at the time, he's now PROMOTED WOOT), gave us a few books on tape to listen to.  LIFE SAVER I tell you.
 We got to the Old Faithful area and took a "hike" along a paved road to see all of the different geysers and such.  We also saw buffalo and this big guy scared the bejeezus out of me since he was just around the corner when we walked by.
 Morning Glory Hot Springs.
Oh hey there buffalo.
Road trip essentials.    That night we got to Kalispel, Montana and had an awesome dinner at Scotty's Bar.  Frosty pints of cold beer and greasy food hit the spot after a long day of driving.
The next morning, Mr. Schwartz slept in (which never happens) and me, being the good wife I am, went out and put gas in the car so we could head out…and of course grabbed some coffee.
After a little planning at breakfast, we were on the road again.
We made it to West Glacier
And took a little boat tour on Lake McDonald.  It was beautiful and got our learn on…Mr. Schwartz loves to learn on vacation.
On our way back we stumbled across Glacier Distilling and stopped in for a little whiskey tasting.
After trying all of the whiskeys and turning as bright red as the barn…I had a Montana Mule which was made of the whiskey they make there and ginger beer.  Needless to say, I was a Chatty Kathy on the way home from the distillery.
The next morning, we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel again before heading to East Glacier.  Um, can we talk for one second about MALTED WAFFLES!?  Omg. Amazing.  Please, someone, tell me you have a recipe!!!
Heading to East Glacier...
We saw a few mountains and beautiful horses grazing on the side of the road.  And…it rained.  Hence this being the only picture I took via my phone.

We then headed out from Glacier to Havre, Montana.
And had some awesome Mexican food.  This place was super sketch looking but it was amazing.
The next morning, we stopped for coffee and headed towards North Dakota.
So, basically these little Montana coffee drive throughs are my favorite things ever.  They are only open in the morning (usually until 1:00) and have great, STRONG coffee. Love.
I was getting kind of bored on our drive so I decided to edit our wedding slide show/video…from two years ago.

The remainder of the trip was pretty uneventful except for when Mr. Schwartz saved a few damsels in distress.  I wasn't paying attention and editing  pictures on my computer when Mr. Schwartz said "I think we should turn around."  My answer was "ahhh, no."  He then explained how he saw two ladies on the side of the road with a big truck and a flat tire.  We turned around and he hooked them up.  We found out that they were on their way to Glacier National Park for a family reunion with a five year old and a less than month old little baby!!! Needless to say, we were happy that we stopped to help them.  
Speaking of happy, my boys were happy to be home together.
Oh, and our grass was approximately 3 feet long when we got home.
We had a quick bite and then had a family nap.


  1. I like your all pictures. Seems you are really enjoying your summer vacation. I like your job edit wedding slide show/video for time pass. :)

    Kopi Luwak

  2. Love road trips, we just got back from the same one on Thursday. we went to Yellowstone via Idaho then onto Glacier with a stop at our favorite town Darby MT. We also stopped at the whiskey distillery, picked up a bottle of the mule kick one they make.


  3. What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing, I would love to visit that area some day.


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