Breakfast Calzones AKA Homemade Breakfast Hot Pockets

Friday, September 20, 2013

By now you know I am a HUGE breakfast person...morning person?  Well I'm working on it.  About a year and a half ago we procured ourselves a dog, Rem.  He is "helping?" me become a morning person...that is when Mr. Schwartz isn't around to let him out in the morning.  

Our Saturday and Sunday mornings consist of this: 

5:30 am: Mr. Schwartz and Rem wake up
5:45-8...maybe 9:00: The boys hang out, watch hunting shows, sports and do other mysterious things that I probably don't want to know about
8:00-9:00ish: I gradually wake up, check my phone, go on Facebook, Instagram and finally Pinterest to see what I missed over night.  I think about the different things we have on hand for breakfast and I get dressed.  
9:00-10:00: I make breakfast and coffee while the boys hang out
10:00-noon: The boys take a nap I work on blog stuff....
And now you know exactly what I'm doing every Saturday and Sunday morning.  Is that weird? 

That is exactly what happened when I came up with these Breakfast Calzones or Homemade Breakfast Hot Pockets...whatever you want to call them, they are freaking tasty!  And worth the work--to be honest, they aren't that much work, especially if you buy already made pizza dough.  

Here's how to make them....
Start by frying up some bacon, I like to cut mine with a scissors and pop it in the pan.
Next add a few eggs, a splash of milk and some seasoned salt into a bowl.  Give it a quick mix.  Note, I'm OBSESSED with this Seasoned Salt from Tastefully Simple.  You need it in your life, I promise.
Pour your eggs into a skillet and cook until they are almost completely cooked but not dry.
While the eggs and bacon are cooking, flatten out your pizza dough.  Of course, I used my favorite recipe but you could always buy the refrigerated kind.
Once the eggs are cooked, spread out half of them on one side of the dough
Add a good amount of bacon on top of that
Then the cheese
And a little hot sauce, if you are into that sorta thing
Gently pull the other side of the dough over the top and seal using a fork
Cut a few slits in the top so the steam can escape.  Pop in the oven for about 15-20 minutes or until it starts to turn golden brown.
There you have it, you are a Susie Homemaker, makin' your own Breakfast Hot Pockets.
Go you! 
Now I'm hungry…

Breakfast Calzones AKA Homemade Breakfast Hot Pockets
(makes 2)

1/2 of this pizza dough recipe or a 1/2 pound pizza dough of your choice (Trader Joe's is awesome :)
Dusting of flour
4 slices of bacon
3 eggs
1 Splash of milk (2 tablespoons or so)
1/4 teaspoon seasoned salt, Tastefully Simple makes my favorite hands down
Cooking spray
2 slices American cheese
Hot sauce, optional
Country gravy, for serving (optional but awesome)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Start by frying up your bacon.  It is easy to cut into pieces and cook, then you just stir rather than flip…but it's up to you.

While the bacon is cooking, crack your eggs into a bowl and add the milk and seasoned salt.  Give it a good whisk.  Pour into a small frying pan and cook on medium heat until almost all the way cooked but not dry.

While the eggs and bacon cook, take a large jelly roll pan** and flip it upside down.  Dust with a little flour and stretch out two rounds of dough.  Once the eggs are cooked, take 1/2 of them and place them on one side of each of the rounds of dough. Then add the bacon and cheese.  If you are a wild one, add the hot sauce as well.

Gently pull the other side of the dough over the egg, bacon and cheese mixture and press down with a fork to seal.  Take a knife and cut three small slits on top.

Pop in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until they start to turn golden brown.

Cut in half and serve with country gravy, if you would like.


**If you do not have a jelly roll pan, you can use a regular baking sheet.  Using a jelly roll pan makes for a nice crust.**

Recipe by: Mrs. Schwartz


  1. Homemade hot pockets for breakfast? Amazing! I wonder if I could get my husband to take this to work with him instead of a slice of banana bread. :)

  2. This is great the main thing I do different is brush the crust with egg whites prior to baking, this will give it a slight glaze and more finished appearance. You can also sprinkle parmesian or your seasoning salt on the brushed crust prior to baking for added flavor.

  3. Breakfast and coffee in mission I have found my pregnant self craving frosty, cold treats.

  4. These look so good for a handheld breakfast! I suppose they would be good made with a pie crust too....


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