That Time I cooked in Betty's Kitchen

Monday, October 21, 2013

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to General Mills World Headquarters and cook in Betty Crocker's Kitchen.  I know seems like pretend right?  Well, let me tell you a little bit about it.  
Here is my ticket--stuffed in my giant messy purse.  But, as it says we were kicking off National Cereal Lover's Week. 
We started off with a little tour of the photography studio which unfortunately because they were doing super secret stuff, I couldn't take any pictures.  But then they brought us to the food prop area…Um, can I move in here please?
It is only one of 3 and does it put my little plastic tote of props to shame.  
After that we got a quick history from the Archivist.  Did you know that Betty Crocker wasn't a real person!?  I know, I was shocked too…click here for more information
We made our way to the Betty Crocker Kitchen and had fabulous lunch…while the Bettys watched
Since it was National Cereal Lover's Week kick off, we dined on cereal inspired, chef created dishes.  My favorite was the Coco Puff Carbonara from Justin Warner.  Check out the recipe here. 
After lunch is when the real magic happened.  We were encouraged to come up with a cereal inspired dish ourselves.  
I got to work on my Chex Crusted Herb Risotto Cakes
So happy to be cooking in Betty's Kitchen :) 
The final product. 
We celebrated by tasting each other's dishes and a few additional chef creations.  Here are the Fizzy Trix dreamed up by Justin Warner.  I have to say, these were pretty freaking fantastic, a perfect adult way to enjoy Trix. 
Walking out I snapped a quick picture of the kitchen from above.  Yeah, I think I could get used to cooking there :) 

I wanted to say a HUGE thanks again to Hello, Cereal Lovers, especially Kate and the team at General Mills.  I had an absolute blast and crossed cooking in Betty Crocker's Kitchen off my bucket list!  


  1. So fun! But I can't believe Betty isn't real.

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