Cinco de Mayo Pulled Pork

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  In honor of this festive holiday I have researched spicy pulled pork recipes.  I found a few but none really seemed to blow my hair back.  So, I combined what I thought would be good, crossed my fingers and put it all in the crock pot.  The end result: pretty tasty base for tacos.  Next time, I would add a little more heat though.

Musical Selection: Cold Play: Clocks (Cuban Version)--I know this isn't a Cuban holiday but, sounded pretty festive for the occasion

This what you will need....
(I left out the red pepper flakes)
Start by mixing the brown sugar, cumin, garlic, taco sauce and red pepper flakes.
Stir, add the coke and stir again. 
Take the pork shoulder out of the package and remove the netting/string.  You can really use any cut of pork for this.  Today, pork shoulder was on sale.  I have done many a pulled pork with pork loin.  It is a bit leaner than this.  Either way, place the pork fat side down and season with a lot of pepper and salt.  Black pepper hits the spice portion of your tongue  in a different place than red pepper flakes.  Looking for layers of flavor.  
Next slice a small onion and place around the pork.  All of the recipes I found did not have onion but I think it is an essential component to delicious pork.  
Pour the sauce mixture over the pork.  
I did these steps the day before.  I put the pork in the refrigerator over night.  In the morning I put the crock in the heating component and set it for high.  Over the lunch break Mr. Schwartz came home and flipped it and put it on low. 

I came home to this beauty!  I drained the fat with a baster and put some of the liquid in a sauce pan to reduce.  
Once the sauce has reduced a bit, let it sit until you are ready to assemble the tacos. 
Shred. The. Meat.  This isn't the prettiest picture but yum. Set aside and start the corn salsa. 

Quick time out. My new obsession: Mr. & Mrs. T's Bloody Mary Mix. Ob.sessed.  I rush home every night and pour my self a short glass on vodka, nothing added.  Most people drink wine while they cook, I have been drinking this.  Moving on....

Start by defrosting the corn.  I left mine in the fridge over night.  Popped it in the microwave for a minute. 
Cut jalapeno in half....
If you want less spicy corn salsa, de-seed and de-vein the pepper
Finely dice the jalapeno 
Do the same with the onion, thin, small dice. 
Mix the corn, jalapeno and onion together.  Add the lime juice.  
Here's a little trick...pop the lime in the microwave for 10 seconds to get the juice moving. 
Chop the cilantro. 
Mix in, add salt and let stand.  I pop mine back in the fridge...I like it cold like Chipolte's 

Mr. Schwartz and I love peppers an onions so I thought they would be a good addition to the tacos.  
Slice peppers and onions...pre-heat a skillet with canola/vegetable oil
Quickly saute the peppers and onions.  After this step is complete, immediately start the assembly of the tacos. 
Heat shells slightly (10-20 seconds) in the microwave.  Layer the meat, peppers, onions, cheese and corn salsa.  Add a small amount of reduced sauce.  Amazing!!! 
Mr. Schwartz loves sour cream so he wanted a picture of the "good taco" on here as well. 

Enjoy!! These are really great and easy! 

Heres the recipe:

Cinco de Mayo Pulled Pork 

4-5 Lbs pork shoulder or loin
1 large bottle of taco sauce
1 can (about 12oz) of regular coke (not diet)
1 Cup brown sugar-packed 
1 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp (or more) red pepper flakes
Salt and Pepper to season
1 small onion

Spray crock pot with non-stick cooking spray
Place pork into crock pot, season with salt and pepper.  
Slice onions thinly and arrange around the pork.
Mix remaining ingredients in a bowl. Pour mixture over pork.
Start the cooking process immediately or put in refrigerator for the next day. 
Cook on high (or medium depending on your crock pot) for 4 hours.  
After four hours reduce to low. 
Drain some of the sauce to reduce on the stove top.  
Shred the pork as you reduce the sauce in a small sauce pan on medium heat.  
When the sauce has reached the desired (thickened) constancy. 

Serve in taco shells with lettuce, corn salsa (recipe below) and cheese.  Pour sauce over tacos if desired. 

Corn Salsa 

1 package of frozen corn
1/2 small red onion finely diced 
1/2 jalapeno (de-seeded if you would like it less spicy)
2 Tbs cilantro topps chopped 

Chop all ingredients and mix in a bowl.  Let sit for at least an hour before serving so the flavors can develop together. 


  1. In the corn sals recipe should I add juice of one lime. You show that in the directions but it isn't in the ingredients list. I just want to make sure I do it right. (:

  2. Hello! Yes you should add the juice of a lime! Sorry for the confusion! I will be fixing it tonight and eventually doing an updated post! Have a great day ;)


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