Pork Fried Rice

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love fried rice.  Chicken, veggie, pork, it is all good.  When there is an option to go either white or fried in a restaurant, always go fried.  More calories ya ya, I get it. But, your really not sticking to your diet with the Sweet and Sour Chicken are you?  

Moving on, Mr. Schwartz and I are currently cleaning out our pantry, refrigerator and freezer.  Going with this, I took a peek in the freezer this weekend.  And what did I see?  12 of the 16 pork chops he brought home from Costco one day.  Seriously, 16 pork chops...cut double thick so really 32.  I have been craving a Banh Mi sandwich like something fierce so I thought I would marinate the pork.  Banh Mi sandwiches taste best if marinated for a looooong time but pork for fried rice is fine either way.  So I marinated it for a short while after work and popped the remaining two pork chops back in the fridge for tonight...post and recipe to come for that...mmmm....

But, for now, here is my version of Pork Fried Rice. 

Musical Selection: Barefoot Blue Jean Night.  The epitome of summers back home after high school.  Makes me smile every time I hear it.  
Start by mixing your marinade together.  So easy and don't worry if you don't have all of the ingredients.  I used soy sauce (probably required), hosin sauce which is an Asian BBQ sauce, red pepper flakes, scalions, garlic, a few cracks of black pepper and brown sugar.  
Pur the marinade onto the pork in a freezer bag.  
Okay, so I'm guessing you are wondering what the heck this is.  Well, Mr. Schwartz told me about this steak house down town that ages and marinates meats underwater.  I guess it speeds up the process and makes them taste amazing.  I'm sure it does but, I only had about 20 minutes until he got home today before the meat had to hit the pan.  Oh well, worth a shot. I'm going to try again when I have more time.  
Start by sauteing your onions in a little bit of olive oil.  
Cut the meat in small pieces and add to the onions.  
Okay, so I might use a little help with my Fried Rice.  Try not to judge.  It really does add amazing flavor and you can get these packets on sale for less than a dollar.  They add more flavor than just adding soy sauce. 
Make about 3 cups of rice.  Any rice will do...minute, white, brown, jasmine, whatever you have.  Again with the emptying the pantry..this is just regular white rice.  No trick to cooking the rice...just as directed. I add a little oil at the end because you don't want it to stick.  You don't need to do that with Minute Rice. 
Cook the pork all the way though...make sure it gets a good brown crust.  
Cook your peas and carrots...I used frozen peas and fresh baby carrots.  Do not over cook these...they will get mushy.
Add the veggies to the pork and onions.  Yum, I love when they get a little brown on one side.  
Add the rice, soy sauce and seasoning packet. 
Stir and form a rice volcano....or I guess just an empty space in the middle.  
Spray the heck out of the hole in the middle.  This is where your eggs will go to cook. 
Scramble your eggs in the middle.  Little bits of the rice and veggies will go in the middle...try to keep them out but its inevitable.  Sorry for the blurry pic btw.  My bad. 
Cook the eggs all the way through in the middle of the pan. 
Then incorporate into the rice.  
End product. 
I like mine topped with Sweet and Sour Sauce.  Mm....ps. La Choy makes the best kind.  I have tried several.  Also on sale for $1 often!  I stock up...
Now we are talking....
Perfection.  And the left overs are just as great!! 


Pork Fried Rice

3/4 Cup soy sauce
1/4 cup hosin sauce (or stir fry sauce)
1/4 cup brown sugar
3 scallions
1/4 teaspoon (or more) red pepper flakes
Juice from 1/2 a lime...a lemon would work as well
a few cracks of black pepper 
1 thick cut pork chop

3 cups of rice...any variety (white, minute, jasmine)
1 cup carrots
1 cup peas
1/2 onion 
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 packet Fried Rice Seasoning packet
2 eggs 


Combine the marinade ingredients and pour on the pork in a freezer bag.  Place in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. The longer it sits the better it will taste. 

Cook the rice as directed.  Cook the peas and carrots in the microwave for about 3 minutes until just tender. 

Saute the onion in a frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil.  Add the pork that has been cut into bite sized pieces.  

Add veggies, stir fry for about a minute.

Add the rice, soy sauce and seasoning packet.  

Make a hole in the middle of the rice.  Spray the hole with a lot of cooking spray.  Add two eggs. 

Scramble the eggs in the middle of the hole until fully cooked.  Don't worry about the rice getting in, it will happen.  

Sir to combine and enjoy!!! 

Recipe from: Mrs. Schwartz 


  1. Hello! I found your recipe on Pinterest. I am in the middle of making it right now it looks and smells yummy. Just wondering on the rice... I am assuming it's 3 cups cooked rice not 3 cups before cooking??? I'll let you know how it all turns out! Thanks for the post!

  2. Hi Lynn!

    Great minds must think alike, I made Pork Fried Rice last night! I hope it turned out fantastic! Yes, 3 cups of cooked rice, I should have clarified. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and think people are inside of my mind when I'm cooking. Turns out they arn't. Let me know how it went!


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