Panera Breakfast Sandy Copycat

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I always feel like a cheater when I post "recipes" for sandwiches.  I know people would say that a lot goes into making a good sandwich but really, a recipe?  Well for this one, it is more about making sure the ingredients are similar to my favorite breakfast sandy ever, at Panera.  Oh baby, the spicy sausage, tangy white cheddar cheese all grilled together.  Help me Rhonda!  It immediately tosses me back to my graduate school days sitting at Panera between work and class cramming for my next exam.  I do not miss those days one bit.  But, I do miss those Panera visits.  

Give this sandy a try this weekend, I promise you will like it.  And if you don't have the ingredients you can always sub things in or out.  Oh, and if you don't have a panini press (thank you to my sister-in-law, Jenna and her hubs Chris for ours : ) you can totally just grill it like a grilled cheese.  


Musical Selection: Reality by Kenny Chesney.  No real reason, just heard it on the bus today. 
Start by heavily spraying an egg pan (seriously not sure if it has another name) with cooking spray.  Crack the egg and season with salt and pepper.  I picked up two of these so I could make a few breakfast sandies at a time.  I think they were maybe $6.00 each.  Not the best quality but they get the job done and form the perfect shape for an egg sanwich.
Next, get the ingredients ready for assembly.  I found this fantastic ciabatta bread at target.  It was the perfect size and made two sandwiches.
Slice up the extra sharp white cheddar (or whatever cheese you wish) and set aside. I really do think the cheddar makes this thing.
Start assembly. Bread.
Ya ya, and these grey looking patties.  I typically have frozen pre-made sausage patties on hand just for making breakfast sandies.  I know, not fantastic but they do the trick.  Get your meat of choice ready is what I'm saying.
Once the egg starts to look like this, give it a flip.
And let it cook on the other side.
Pop it on top of the cheese.
Oh yeah, I forgot, after the egg was done I browned my sausage in the pan a bit. It added flavor. Plop the sausage patty on top of the egg and top with the other piece of bread.
To the panini press it goes!  For a few minutes or until the bread is crispy and the cheese melts.
And looks like this.  So my bread didn't get all golden brown since I didn't put any oil/butter on it.  And let me tell you, it doesn't need it.  Save your calories.
Peeeerfect breakfast.
Oh Momma.  Or as my 18 month old niece says now "Oh baby!" 

Panera Breakfast Sandy Copycat

(recipe makes two sandies)

1 small mini loaf of ciabatta bread
2 eggs
2 sausage patties
6 slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese
salt and pepper to taste

Start by cooking the eggs in an egg pan sprayed liberally with cooking spray.  Crack the egg, place it in the pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Once the egg whites start to turn white, flip it and cook it to your liking.  Remove the egg from the pan and set aside.  

Add the sausage to the pan to brown up a bit.  Take out once golden brown. 

Start assembly by cutting the ciabatta bread into triangles.  Add the sliced cheese, top with egg, meat and other piece of bread.  

Place in a preheated (to medium high) panini press (or grill like a grilled cheese) until the bread is crispy and the cheese melts.  Anywhere from 3-5 minutes.  

Remove sandwich and enjoy! 

"Recipe" by: Mrs. Schwartz 


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