Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with a Celery Blue Cheese Slaw

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sounds almost fancy doesn't it?  Naw, this is just a little something I saw on Pinterest then came up with my own recipe!

This came together so fast, it was perfect for a Thursday evening dinner on the fly.  It was my first time poaching chicken too, can you believe it?  I had no idea what I was missing.  Poaching the chicken was perfect for this because I needed to get it shredded and didn't want any hard pieces.  I even put the chicken in a little frozen and it came out perfectly.  

Give this recipe a try and make extra chicken and saw, I've got something even better to do with these left overs! The buffalo chicken saga continues...

Musical Selection: Smoke a Little Smoke by: Eric Church.  This is my jam.  I will never forget dancing to this with my best friends and husband at the bar following our wedding.  It makes me really happy.  
 Okay, like I said, poach the chicken.  Bring some water to a boil in a medium sauce pan.  Place the chicken breasts into the water and cook for about 10 minutes or until you cut into them and they are no longer pink.
 Then, give them a shred.  I find the best method is taking two forks and pulling the chicken apart.  Hence the "pulled chicken."
 Put the chicken into a sauce pan (I just wiped out the one I poached in) with a little butter and Franks Red Hot Sauce or your favorite buffalo sauce.
 Bring it to a simmer and start working on the slaw.  I let this go for maybe even an hour while I waited for Mr. Schwartz to make his way home.  Note: don't take a whiff of this stuff while it's boiling, yow talk about cleaning out the sinuses!
 Okay, for the slaw, chop up some celery.
 Add it to a 1/2 of a bag of cole slaw mix.
 Pour in some of your favorite ranch dressing. I suppose you could use blue cheese but Mr. Schwartz is not a fan.
 Give it a stir.  At this point I took 1/2 of the slaw out of this bowl and set it aside for Mr. Schwartz.
And I added a little blue cheese crumbles to mine! Yum.
 Assemble the sandwiches by placing the chicken on the bun, then slaw and top with the other side of the bun.
These are spicy little devils but ooooh are they good.  We just happened to accompany them with ice cold beers and it was divine!  

**Remember, make extra, I have a great recipe coming with the leftovers!!!!**

Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with a Celery Blue Cheese Slaw
For the chicken:
4 Chicken breasts
1 bottle (or 2 1/2 cups) Franks Red Hot Sauce or your favorite buffalo sauce
2 tablespoons butter

For the slaw:
1 bag cole slaw (or about 3 cups)
2 ribs of celery, coarsely chopped
1 cup ranch dressing (or blue cheese)
1/4 cup (or more to your liking) blue cheese crumbles

Hamburger buns for serving

Start by bringing a medium sauce pan filled 1/2 way with water to a boil.  Add the chicken and cook for about 10 minutes or until no longer pink in the middle.

Remove the chicken from the pan and shred with two forks.  Return the chicken to the pan and add the butter and hot sauce.  Bring to a simmer and cover while you prepare the slaw.  This mixture can simmer on the stove up to about an hour.  If it looks like it is getting dry add a bit more hot sauce.

Combine the cole slaw mix, celery, dressing and blue cheese crumbles together.  Add additional dressing to your liking.

Assemble the sandwiches with the chicken on the bottom topped with slaw.

Enjoy with a cold beer : )

Recipe by: Mrs. Schwartz


  1. It annoys me when people comment on blog posts about something LOOKING good, and not about how it actually tastes, but.....Wow! Do these look good! I find it all to be pretty genius, especially the slaw. Seriously, can't wait to try it all.

    1. No, I really made this last night. Its delicious. I used the hawaiian roll hamburger buns. So good.

  2. This sounds really delicious. Thanks for sharing this.



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