High Five for Friday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Here is my second High Five for Friday Post!  What is everyone up to this weekend?  Mr. Schwartz and I are planning a little sleepover at our house with our two little twin nieces who are just about 19 months old now.  Prayers and well wishes appreciated! : ) No, in all honesty, we got this.  I'm SO excited, they are just the sweetest, smartest, funniest little things.  And no, I'm not biased being their Godmother and all.  Stay tuned, I will be posting some recipes and I'm sure stories, from the weekend.

Oh, and incase you missed it, here is the link to a few Super Bowl recipes.

Have a good one!

Musical Selection: Love You Like A Love Song by: Selena Gomez.  I'm not one bit ashamed that every time this song comes on the radio I crank it up. Come on, you like it a little bit too.

Here's what I'm loving this week, in no particular order.
1. I LOVE this idea and I have been posting, for the last two days, on my personal Facebook page.  Is anyone else doing this?  Maybe I will end up posting all of the pictures at the end of the month on here.

2. These amazing Coconut Waffles with Chunky Pineapple Syrup I made and posted about earlier this week.  I need them, like now.

3. A churro cheers with my Sister on Wednesday night.  We were talking about having something sweet when my brother (her husband) called and said he was at Taco John's.  Immediately Em knew what we needed: Churros.  It was my first churro and you bet I will be making these and posting them on the blog.

4. Coffee break.  Skim latte with a dark chocolate covered graham cracker.  Is there anything better?! No.

5. Embracing foods I despise.  Yes, I hate tomatoes and almost hurled about 4 times while cutting these up.  Recipe to come.

There you have it, my High Five for the week!


  1. Wanted to let you know that I have passed the Liebster Award on to you! If you have not heard of it or seen it on other blogs, it's an award given to fantastic blogs with under 200 followers. And your one of them! Now you get to pass it along to 5 other blogs of your choice!
    You can see the post on my blog here:

    1. That is SO incredibly sweet of you! Thank you SO much!!!! I will be sure to pass it along as well! You made my day.


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