High Five for Friday!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday!!!!!

This is my third week of posing a High Five for Friday and I'm starting to like this little routine. Although, since I am taking the majority of the pictures on my phone I am realizing that I need a new one. Does anyone else have an HTC Evo? I love mine however, the camera lense sticks out of the back and it is now super scratched. Not cool. But, it is either lay it on the screen (probably not) or the back where the lense sticks out. Stupid design I'm telling ya.

Soo I want an iPhone.

Enough of my complaining! Have a great weekend! I'm looking forward to dinner tonight with my gal pal Melissa and hosting a nice dinner with my family on Saturday.

1. Musical Selection: Heartbeat by: The Fray. This song is actually part of my high five this week! I love it.
2. Buffalo Wing Pretzel Chips.  Have you had these!?  I have had plenty of buffalo wing pretzels in my day but these totally take the cake.  Along with a diet coke, best afternoon snack eeveeer.
3. Holy Chobani! Yes, it was on sale this week and it made us very happy.
4. Mr. Schwartz's sign for me in the morning.  It made me smile.  (Please don't be distracted or judge the dirty espresso machine behind it).
5. This little Valentine's Day sucker (lollipop for those not in MN) I stole from the hair salon.  Typically I'm not a fan since they taste like cough drops but this really made me happy yesterday afternoon.

That's all today folks!

Oh and by the way, I'm a real blogger now.  I just had to purchase more storage since I was out due to the large amount of pictures on the blog.  : )

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