High Five for Friday

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!  I have the day off today--YAY for working at a University that appreciates staff during Spring Break!  I am on puppy duty and we are taking Rem to the vet today.  Fingers crossed everything goes well.

Have a great weekend!

Musical Selection: You by: Chris Young. I just think it's the perfect weekend, drinking beer grilling out song. That's exactly what we will be doing this weekend.
1. My boys. 
 2. Finding out that whole wheat flour is fantastic, maybe even better than white flour in my Coconut Banana Bread!
 3. Fantastic breakfast with my buddy Melissa.  Great food, even better company.
 4. Grown up Cherry Limade. Aka, with vodka.
5. Breakfast treat...Sour Cherry Scone.  Usually We just have smoothies but I decided to treat myself at work this week. I have been a bit tired.  : )


  1. Oh my gosh, the picture of A and Rem is precious!

    1. Ha, it is one of my favorites! This is what my life is like now…


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