Sweet and Spicy Pork Chops with Alexia's Foods GIVEAWAY!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

As promised I have a little giveaway for today!  First, let me tell you about what I made.  This week it was abnormally warm in Minnesota.  As in, it was in the 40's!  Amazing weather makes for Spring Fever means Spring Fever calls for grilling!  I was so excited to surprise Mr. Schwartz with a  grilled dinner and beer when he got home.  I marinated these pork chops and anxiously waited for his arrival.  

When Mr. Schwartz got home he had his own surprise…the grill was out of propane.  Sweet.  Long story short, we ended up cooking them in our cast iron pan.  But, they turned out wonderfully.  They were really moist and very flavorful.  

Now, lets talk about the side dish.  First a little background… A month or so ago I switched to Foodbuzz for advertising.  While working with Foodbuzz I opted into the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program.  As a Foodbuzz Tastemaker, I am able to receive food and products to try out for free.  A few weeks ago I received a free coupon for any Alexia Foods product.  I was feeling a bit lazy that evening and ended up pairing them with Alexia All Natural Onion Rings.  Oh man, these are SO good.  I'm not just saying that either.  The joy of being a Tastemaker is that I can say whatever I want.  I want to say these are AMAZING!  For real, try them out.  

Speaking of trying them out, I ended up forgetting my coupon at home when I went to the grocery store so I'm still holding onto it…until I send it to one of you!  I know isn't a huge giveaway but I want you to try these out.  So, leave a comment on what your favorite side dish is along with your email address.  I will pick a winner tomorrow afternoon using random.com and send you an email to get your mailing address. 

Also, Alexia Foods wants you to "reinvent a classic" go to their Facebook page and cast your vote for the next Alexia Foods french fry flavor.  

Musical Selection: Walking On Broken Glass by: Annie Lennox.  This was play when I was spending too much at Ulta today.  I kind of love it. 
To start, I added some honey...
Soy sauce
Lime juice
And red pepper flakes in a small bowl.  Stir it up.
Look at these beauties.
Pour the sauce over the pork chops
And let them marinate for a while.  Mine marinated for about an hour and they were great.
Here are those onion rings I was talking about.  Crispy, all natural with sea salt.  Um, yes please. I baked them in the oven at 400 degrees in a single layer for about 15 minutes.  The directions said 8-10 but we like really crispy onion rings.  They were perfection.
I preheated our cast iron skillet on medium high heat and added a bit of canola oil.  In to the pan the chops went for about 3 minutes on each side.
I brushed them with a  bit more of the marinade and put them into the oven (at 400 because that's what the onion rings were on) for about 10 minutes.  I like to cook our pork all the way through but if you like them pink, cook them a little less than 10.
Out they came, caramelized and perfect. Who needs the grill?
Onion rings.  I added more salt, I kind of have a problem.
Close up of the chop. So stinking good.
Thanks Alexia Foods, we will be having these again real soon. 

Remember: leave a comment with your favorite side dish along with your email address to enter the giveaway.  : )

Happy Saturday! 

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Sweet and Spicy Pork Chops
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup soy sauce
Juice of 1 lime
1 teaspoon (more or less according to your taste) of red pepper flakes 
4-6 pork chops (boneless or bone in would work) 

Combine with honey, soy sauce, lime juice and red pepper flakes. Pour over chops and refrigerate until ready to use.  

Grill the pork chops or preheat a large oven proof skillet with a drizzle of canola oil on medium high heat.  Cook the chops for 2-3 minutes on each side.  Brush with additional marinade.  Place them in the oven at 400 degrees to finish cooking for about 10 minutes or so. 


Recipe by: Mrs. Schwartz 


  1. Ok! My mouth is watering! Look at those onion rings!!!!! That is my absolute favorite side dish!!!!!


  2. Yum! I've tried the sweet potato fries and was impresses, after reading your comments about the onion rings I think I'd try those too! Love love blog great ideas that keep me inspired!!! Thanks! Kate

  3. I'd have to say my favorite side dish is homemade potato wedges seasoned with some garlic and Pampered Chef Southwest seasoning. But those onion rings look to die for!!!


  4. My favorite side dish is wine. AND sometimes tator tots if my husband is lucky.

  5. My favorite side dish is Honey Balsamic or Brown Sugar Glazed carrots! The onion rings look great! msgreenstar@yahoo.com

  6. Right now I'm on a sweet potato kick, but no matter what one of my sides always has to be a veggie.

  7. I looove coleslaw! eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com


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