High Five for Friday

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Friday! Today is especially happy for me since I have off today to man the house with the puppy.  We will be hanging out, playing and blogging all day.  I have a feeling blogging will take a back burner.  But for the time being, he is snoozing under my left arm.  Absolute puppy bliss.  I can't say the same for last night.  One would think a puppy would grow hoarse after yelping.  Not so much.  I think it will be a two latte day.  

Here's my High Five for this Friday! 

Musical Selection: Who Says by: John Mayer.  Straight chillin'.
1. Fresh produce to prep for our little dinner party last weekend and the fun that followed. (Recipes to come!)
3. GRILLING in March, in MINNESOTA! Unheard of.  Check out that spread!  
4. Celebrating my awesome big bro's birthday!  Hence the BBQ.  My niece wasn't so sure when we were singing but once it was done and the candles were out, she wanted more.  
5. Lastly, here's a little sweetness, our Rem.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  If all goes as planned I will have a little giveaway tomorrow!


  1. your rem is so sweet!

    1. Thanks Brielle, I think we will keep him! : ) Have a great weekend!


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