One Year Ago.

Monday, April 9, 2012

....we got married.  (gush.)  I had high hopes of writing a beautiful blog post today but truthfully words cannot describe how I am feeling.  So, I will do better than words, for today, here are a few pictures.  

Musical Selection: This Kind of Love by: Sister Hazel.  Our first dance song.

I will be reliving every moment of our day today by the minute.  You think I forgot that itinerary that I worked so hard to complete a year ago?  No way, that baby is burned into my memory.  

And for tonight, we will be going to a nice dinner, sipping champagne and eating the (entire) top layer of our wedding cake.  There will also be a reading of the wedding journal I wrote on our honeymoon.   I seriously scribbled every.single.detail. I could remember from the day.  I cannot wait to read it with Mr. Schwartz!  

Happy day. 


Mrs. Schwartz 


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