Chocolate Chip Double Chocolate Brown Butter Cookies

Thursday, October 4, 2012

If you read my blog often, you might be aware of my obsession blog crush,  How Sweet It Is.  Seriously, every single thing she makes I just diiiie.  Besides the fish recipes, I can do without them.  But hey, they look pretty.

This girl (Jessica) loves brown butter and bacon.  I mean, you can't really go wrong.  When I saw these cookies I knew it was love at first sight.  I "pinned" them a while ago and stumbled back across the recipe recently again and knew I had to make them.  Like ASAP.  So happy and kind of sad I did, they were to die for.
Start by browning a bunch of butter.  Yeah, that's not a bad place to start.
Stir while it is melting….
Toss brown sugar and white sugar in a bowl…
While it is melting...
See, it's working…
Getting there…
Closer…look at the bits starting to form on the bottom of the pan.
And boom, brown buttah.  Your house will small amaze-balls at this point.  Let this cool.
Add the eggs to the bowl…realize you are one egg short…shoot.
Google "egg substitutes" find out that you can add mayo (yes mayo) instead.  I did.  You wouldn't have ever guessed.
Pour in that brown butter.
Stir it up.  Glorious brown butter batter, yeah, it's good stuff.
Add vanilla.
Break out the scale.  Realize batteries are dead as a door nail.  Curse the battery gods for this bad luck and realize that you were pouring this batter into a bowl with measurements on the side.
Pour it in.
Eyeball half…
Sperate into two bowls…cross your fingers.
Moving on… here is the chocolate chop version.  Add flour
Baking soda
A pinch of salt
And chocolate chips
Stir it up.
Onto the chocolate chocolate chip batter.  Add flour
Cocoa powder
Stir to combine
Unwrap and chop up come chocolate.  Really, you could use chocolate chips but I didn't have enough and randomly had a bunch of mini Hershey Bars.
Dump them in
Stir to combine.
Now comes the fun part.  Chocolate chocolate chip cookie, please meet your new partner in crime, chocolate chip cookie. 
Place one on top of the other to create this brown butter love child cookie.
Line 'em up.
Bake them and try to resist eating
I had to bring these into work in an effort to not add 6 inches to each of my thighs.
You are welcome and I'm sorry.

Jessica does such an amazing job explaining this recipe (since it is kind of a process), I think I will let her do that on her site : ).  Here is the link: Chocolate Chip Double Chocolate Brown Butter Cookies 


  1. Oh ma goodness those look divine. I just want to lick that melty chocolate chip right off the screen!

    1. Hey Courtney, totally. I think you should these times a million : )


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