Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Thanksgiving in pictures....

Our contribution...dinner rolls.  You can find the recipe for the garlic ones here.  

Those sweet potatoes in the corner...slay me. Word on the street is that recipe is coming my way....
Popcorn salad my Auntie Geri made.  Only in Minnesota can jello, Cool Whip and popcorn be considered "salad" ingredients.
My plate at my parents house.
Can't forget Margie's famous pumpkin roll.  She makes the best pumpkin roll.
It snowed....
The kiddos loved it...
So did Mr. Schwartz... : ) Ps. how out of control is that beard?  I know right?

The snow was it was snowing snow balls

We couldn't get over it...

Back at our house unpacking the Christmas decorations while Mr. Schwartz was at work.  I swear Rem  loves me. 
My plate at Mr. Schwartz's Aunt and Uncles.  That stuffing...oh boy.  And that veggie creamy deliciousness...yeah that recipe is coming my way as are welcome. 
Here is a little hint to what is coming to the mom and I spent ALL day on Saturday baking up a


  1. Thank you for the compliment on the Pumpkin Roll! Here's the link for that recipe:
    It's really not that difficult - even you can do it Krysten!
    Now - about those dinner rolls!! They were the hit at our table on Thanksgiving! I think Kaitlyn and Isaac each had three! I'll have to whip up some of them soon - they were delish!!

    1. I will have to try my hand at the pumpkin roll Margie! Thanks for the recipe! :) Ha, I'm glad you liked the rolls! They are REALLY easy to make.

  2. I've never heard of Popcorn Salad Is there a recipie?

    1. I can sure get my hands on it if you would like it. Send your email address to and I will email it back to you!


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