Christmas 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

You may have noticed that I took a little break from the blog in the past week or so.  Here is a little of what we have been up to...
Rem protecting the presents….
 Celebrating my birthday on my birthday with my parents.  It's my Mom's favorite thing.  She just happened to pick up my favorite cake from my favorite bakery.  She is just the best.  Always making me feel so special on my birthday since it is so close to Christmas.  December 23rd to be exact :)
On my birthday we also attended Christmas in the Barn.  This was our first time and wow what was it…cold!  We thought it might be heated just a little but nope, no heat, dirt floors and sitting on 2x4s.  It was an experience that we have never had before.  It was very sweet, lots of singing and listening to the story of Jesus' birth.  It was pretty neat.  It is hard to read on the program but it said "the bathroom is in the house on the right if you have to use it."  I couldn't believe this family put this on and was okay with letting 400+ strangers into their home.  If that's not small-town I don't know what is.
 The guys in the barn…probably wishing they had hats.
 Our view…many wore snowsuits, hats, gloves and even brought blankets.  Next time we will come more prepared.
 My handsome driver for Christmas : )
Christmas at the Schwartzes (yes, that is how you make our last name plural, I had to look it up for Christmas cards), started off by Chris (my brother-in-law) taking my crown as the pickle finder.  Does anyone else have this German tradition?  A few years ago I bought a pickle ornament for my in-laws to start the tradition in their family as well.  The host hides the pickle ornament in the tree and whomever finds it has good luck for the next year.  I won last year and Chris won this year…I'm coming for you buddy!  
My sister (in-law) and her little puppy Dash.  
 Dave wanted a family picture so I did a little rigging up of my camera, between the banisters, on a candle turned upside down, with a few cocktail napkins and a tupperware lid.  Not too bad…all things considered :)
 We headed off to Mr. Schwartz's Grandpa's to see his cousins, aunts and uncles.  I failed to take a single picture…my bad.

Then to my parents for dinner.  How cute are these napkins?
 After dinner we sipped on my mom's percolator punch.  Holy moley this stuff is good.  I'll share the recipe sometime...
 Then it was time to open presents with the little munchkins.

 I absolutely adore this picture.  Little one loving up on her Uncle A.  During dinner she did say that she liked his beard better than Papa's.
 Ripping open presents...
 A golf set from Papa.  Not surprising.
 New babies.

 Microphone for the singer in the family.
 Probably the best idea yet...
 Seriously amazing.
 My Little Pony looks a little different these days.

 Stuffed animal sleeping bags from us.  They were a hit!

Ava marked hers right away.  Seriously, she took this A off of her other present and put it on her sleeping bag.  Smart girl.

 Ripping open the bunk beds Uncle A (Mr. Schwartz) made for the girls.

 Running to thank him for his handiwork.
 More singing….
 And back in the sleeping bags...

 Watching "bedios" of Rem before bedtime.
 Waking up and singing to some Jason Aldean.  The kid knows the words to Dirt Road Anthem.  Pretty fantastic.
 Wrestling with Daddy.
 Santa also found his way to Nana and Papa's house and left the girls wings…
Fairy wings...

 And angel wings...

A fairy wouldn't be complete without….

 Glitter lip gloss and finger nail polish...
 Papa painting finger nails...
And laying on the gloss….
 We returned home to pick up the dog and gave him his present from my parents.  Rem was jacked…can't you tell.  But really, he ate that bone in about 5 seconds.
Lastly, the Christmas tradition continues…My mom has bought my sister (in-law) and myself Christmas bulbs for the past two years.  She forgot last year and we were a bit…let's say bummed because we have a contest of who can grow theirs the fastest.  We both potted last night, let the games begin.  Bring it Om.

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  1. you could post a new photo of your sad loss at the Amaryllis contest. time stamp 2/12 and still waiting for your pigmy to bloom...


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