First Wedding of 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

This past weekend two of our dearest friends were married in our home town.  They are both in the Navy and bless her heart, Nicole (the Bride) planned everything from Washington state.  Can you imagine?  It was a beautiful day that was perfectly planned full of friends, family, beer and one heck of a good time.  
Yep, this one is my husband, trashing his white suit up with $14 gas station sunglasses that "matched his flower perfectly."  Apparently I was supposed to be proud.  Hum....
Our buddies Meghan and Alex. Adorbs.
And Jer and Britt.  Um, the hair, yeah that's another story...

They had their Navy buddies usher...I don't think any of the women minded one bit.  Case in point: My Mom.

The groom, so handsome.
The cutest.
The Bride, absolutely stunning.

Eeee, the KISS! I love it.
Girlfriends at the bar.  I love them all.

Sorry ladies, another one bites the dust : )
A good the time.

They made their own wine as favors, this is the strawberry version.

Probably the best picture of the night.
So sweet.
Cigars are a tradition in our group.
Hailey is really the only woman who participates, ya girl.

And those are all of the PG pictures I can post on the blog : )  Let's just say that at some point, all the groomsmen took of their shirts and only had vests on.  Check out my Instagram if you are really interested (Krysten_schwartz is my user name)  It was a wild and FUN night.

Congrats Al and Nicole, we love you guys! xoxo.


  1. Seems like a perfect time !

    International BEAUTY Giveaway :

    Coline ♡

  2. OH Leah. Ha, I love that picture. Happy summer time!!!!

  3. The sunglasses that your husband was wearing didn't overdo his stunning groom suits. He still looks gorgeous even with those sunglasses on; though it just made him look a bit casual. Anyway, congratulations! You, too, look beautiful!


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