25 Days of Christmas Activities for Baby

Saturday, December 6, 2014

When I found out we were pregnant I immediately thought of some traditions I wanted to start with our family.  Along with you know normal stuff like, wow, we are going to have a baby.  But, Christmas traditions were not far behind those thoughts. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a fun and meaningful tradition!  

One of the first Christmas traditions I'm starting is 25 Days of Christmas! Little activities that we can do to get into the holiday spirit.    I found this Advent Calendar on clearance last year and thought up (and googled) some fun activities!  Some of the activities are just for fun while others share in the spirit of giving and being kind to one another, what Christmas is really about.  It wasn't easy coming up with things to do with a 3 month old baby so some are just for mommy.  I envision them changing every year and growing with us as family! Here are our 25 Days of Christmas Activities:

1. Decorate the nursery

3. Buy someone behind us coffee 

4. Visit Papa Santa 

5. Pick out a Christmas dress (Nana bought it for us :)

6. Donate a toy to charity 
7. Buy Christmas pajamas 
8. Bring cookies to Daddy's office 
9. Make homemade hot chocolate 
10. Holiday craft (here are some ideas
11. Pick out Baby's First Christmas ornament (I have my (I have my eye on this one)
12. Mail Christmas cards, including one to santa 
13. Go visit Santa at the mall 
14. Holiday manicure (for mama) 
15. Bring coffee to Daddy at work
16. Drink a peppermint mocha (for mama)
17. Wear Christmas pajamas all day
17. Make homemade potpourri 
18. Make peppermint mocha cupcakes (recipe to come :)
19. Buy Christmas wrapping supplies 
20. Sleepover with Nana and Papa (Mommy and Dad attend a Holiday Party)
21. Make a handprint ornament 
22. Bake and decorate cookies 
23. Deliver goodies to friends and family 
24. Set cookies out for Santa 
25. Celebrate Christmas as a family 

Since Addison is only 14 weeks old I am keeping the "schedule" flexible as to what is going on that day.  Things can be pretty unpredictable these days with sleeping through the night one night then the next up a few times.  When that happens, I will be sure to include coffee in the activity :) 

I am planning to do a full post of all the activities when we have finished them!  In the meantime, if you want to follow along, I am posting a picture a day on my Instagram page with the hashtag #babyaddisonsfirstchristmas. 

I'm still looking for other ideas to make Christmas special.  There is so much pressure as a mom to keep the holiday spirit alive! What are your favorite Christmas traditions?  

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