Addison Month Three and Four

Monday, December 15, 2014

So here I am, posting two months at a time because well frankly time is scarce right now with the holidays, my computer breaking down and well, you know having a baby!  But, I do want to continue to post these monthly updates, mainly so I can keep track of things myself!  

It is so cliché but seriously, how is Addison already FOUR months old.  Seriously.  It is like I blinked and she is no longer a tiny err.. almost 9 lb baby we just took home from the hospital!  She is changing so much every day it is hard to keep up!  Here is a random mash up of pictures and fun stuff that has happened in the past two months! 
Starting with month three.
She loves to sit up, specifically in this chair, she thinks she is a big girl.
She also loves to "lay flat" as we call it on the floor
Or on our bed (supervised of course :)
Or on her play gym mat.  She just likes to have control of her own body these days. I don't blame her.
She is still taking a bottle from her daddy in the evenings before bed.  Woof this was rough for a while (knock on wood that it continues to be WAS ROUGH).  She would just cry and get so frustrated for a while.  I'm pretty sure she just wanted me for my boobs but we really want her to be able to take a bottle so we kept after it.  Now we changed things up ever so slightly and Aaron keeps her out in our living room and we wind down together until she is just about sleeping, then go into her nursery, say our prayers and he rocks her to sleep while feeding her an additional ounce or two.  It is so.much.better.  Thank God!  It was rough listening to her cry every night since in general she doesn't cry a ton (knock on a million pieces of wood).
This is the aftermath of our morning happy hour.  Typically Addie wakes up around 2:30-3:00 now (she was previously sleeping through the night since 7 weeks! Hello 4 month sleep regression?) I nurse her and on a good night get her back to sleep by 4.  Sometimes it's 5.  Then Aaron usually wakes up with her around 6/6:30 or so and I sleep until he needs to get ready around 7.  He sometimes feeds her a bottle and I always pump a good 16 oz.  Sometimes she isn't hungry at all in the morning.  I can't decide if it is because she knows that if she waits a little bit I will nurse her or if she just isn't hungry.  
Either way she goes back down around 8 or 9 for a little morning nap.  Sometimes its 30 mins sometimes its 2 hours...usually its an hour or so.
A few more highlights of month three were going to vote
And hanging out with our wild cuzzies.
Addie continues to like to help me cook in the kitchen as well. 
But the biggest change in month three for our family was me resigning from my job.  It was a really hard decision to make at first since I really loved my job, the students and the people I worked with.  But ultimately it was what was the best decision for our family.  I really am loving being at home with Addie every day and we seem to keep busy.  That might be different in the middle of January when we aren't prepping for Christmas but, overall it is awesome.  The picture above was my first day after resigning.  I sent it to my husband telling him I like my new coworkers.  He said "the pay isn't good but you get to sleep with the boss." Touché.  
After I resigned we went to my old office and picked up all of my things and they had a nice little goodbye party for me.  Addie came and got to meet everyone and it was so nice.  I miss my coworkers, especially all of our laughs and coffee dates! :)
The low point of month three was probably when Addie got her first cold.  Seriously is there anything sadder than a congested baby!? Ugh, it was rough.  I think that is when our sleep troubles started, when she couldn't breathe and kept waking herself up.  She had a little fever too hence the short sleeved outfit above.  

But we got tons of extra snuggles.  She would only nap with me which at the time was amazing.  Now, I have a "holdy (as my Seester says) napping" baby monster.  I have GOT to get this baby to nap in her crib! Any tips?! 
Addie also worked hard at finding her thumb during month three....
Her love affair with the fairies is still going strong. 
And she is not a big fan of laying down.  
She tried out her high chair and it was a big hit!
This is her "I'm going to poop now" face.  Then she did. 
Overall month three was awesome! 

We spent the majority of it hoping she would find her thumb... 

Enter month 4! (Still loving those fairies)
We had thanksgiving!  And sort of matched...
And as tradition on my side of the family, went to the tree farm
We helped my parents cut down a tree...ours is artificial...for now :) 
Addie also loves to lounge and snuggle with her daddy on the weekends (sad this is blurry!)
Daddy especially loves a football nap with Addie.  (MORE holdy naps!)
But how can you resist that face!?
She is getting super strong at tummy time although she doesn't love it.  She likes to be facing out and observing, always has.
She worked and worked to get her thumb...
Then BAM! It just clicked.  While awesome, in the process she has scratched the crap out of her face.

She loves reading...not sure if she loves Daddy's choices in reading material :)
But she does like to listen and look at the pictures. 
Baby's first smiling selfie. 
And she is just like her daddy, hates having her feet covered up.  Also hates having her hands under the blanket or being swaddled so basically I drape a blanket over her mid section.
I'm so sad I didn't get this in action but Rem came over by Addie while she was bouncing and dropped his toy off at her feet.  He looked up and down at her and the toy like "hey, I brought you my toy, want to play? Let's be best friends." My heart melted.  I think we will keep  Rem around.  Things were a bit touch and go until he did that :) 
We have been busy getting ready for Christmas and Addie loves all of the lights.
And I love dressing her up in festive outfits!

We just had her 4 month check up and she is 91% in weight, 98% in height and 57% in her head circumference.  Her doctor said she is "perfectly proportioned and a very healthy baby!" 
Oh Addie, we just love you to the moon.  Words cannot express how grateful we are to have you! 


  1. Awww-- you were going to give up sweet Rem??

  2. Ha not for real but his sweetness wears pretty thin when I am up with the baby all night and he decides to start whining at 5 am!


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