Addison Month 5

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Okay, someone tell me how 5--FIVE--months have gone by so quickly!?  I cannot believe that Addie is five months old already.  Time goes by so much quicker with a baby I swear!

I totally goofed the 3 and 4 month post dates and published it way too early.  I'm totally calling Mommy Brain on that one.  So, month 4ish/5 is here!  From now on I'm not messing with weeks and we are going by the 23rd of every month like a normal person.  Seriously though, how confusing is that whole month vs day of the month thing?
Anyway, we had a great time with the 25 Days of Christmas Activities...until I got a terrible stomach virus and was knocked out of commission.  Seriously I have not felt that terrible in a long, long time.  We had to call in the reinforcements (aka Nana) who swooped in and helped out.  Luckily I got the worst of it on the weekend so we had more hands on deck.  I had to take some meds that didn't allow me to nurse while taking so I had to pump.  Um moms out there, pumping while sick with a fever and terrible stomach "symptoms" worst.thing.ever.  So thankful we all made it through.  And that Addie takes a bottle and I had a ton of frozen milk as back up.  Whew. 
My birthday was right at the tail end of my sickness/recovery.  My mom (Nana) reassured me that I was no longer contagious and I could hold her.  Actually, she said while I was in the depths of my sickness that Addie was going to get it one way or another, if she was going to get it.  I thought maybe we could save her if Aaron and she went to stay at my parents...then she broke it to me that she was doomed either way.  But neither she or Aaron got it. Thank GOD! 
So we went on our merry way... (see what I did there?)

I was happy to feel a little better for Christmas
And Addie was happy to open presents and eat her puppy's face
All I ever need.
Christmas at my parent's
And at Aaron's parents
We still have a "holdy napper." I keep trying (let's be honest semi-trying) to break the habit 
But she is sleeping so good at night I don't want to mess it up! 
So I nurse her to sleep 
And hold her while she naps 

Part of me loves it and part of me wants to be able to do the laundry, do the dishes or you know, go to the bathroom while she naps.  We are a work in progress.  The issue is that she will be out like OUT sleeping while I hold her and if I put her down her eyes open 1 minute later.  Literally I time it.  It doesn't matter if it is on the couch next to me, in the Rock-n-Play, her crib she wakes up and is ready to play.  She isn't crabby and doesn't cry, she just won't sleep then.  And baby needs her sleep, and mama needs a little break.  So, any tips?  I'm not really ready for the cry it out and honestly I don't think she would sleep even if I did it.  She just doesn't seem tired enough unless I hold her to sleep!  Non-judgmental suggestions appreciated :)  

She does however sleep in her carseat.  When we get back from wherever we are and she is still sleeping in her carseat, I leave her in there till she wakes up.  I obviously watch her but she will sleep for a while if I leave her in there.  
I have to say, it is pretty sweet. 
 At night, Aaron is still the one to put her to sleep.  He gives her a bottle and rocks her to sleep.  I love that they have that time together, Aaron says he loves to do it which melts my heart.  
 Speaking of bottles, she just holds her own now.  Well not really all the time but she likes to.  When I got sick she got a lot of practice which ultimately wasn't a bad thing.  She goes from bottle to breast to bottle every day with no issues so that is awesome!
I'm still pumping every night before bed and every morning when I wake up.  It is such a pain but I'm so nervous to get mastitis again and it allows Aaron to give her a bottle in the evening and in the morning.  
We also introduced oatmeal, carrots and avocados.  She is getting the hang of it and really doesn't like anything more than the other but it has been fun making food for her!
Her other systems continue to work as well. Gosh this kid has a poop blow out every single day.  She has some power behind her poops and I do a lot of laundry.
She officially ground all of the hair off of the back of her head.  And since this picture was taken I think all of that dark hair fell out and lighter hair has replaced it.
Still working on tummy time. 
Doesn't love it but tolerates it.
We had quite a few get togethers over the holidays and with our baby buddies and mamas.  We went solo to my college roommates Christmas Party since Aaron had to work.  She dressed the part and looked adobs.
But then cried her brains out for about an hour when we got there.  She never cries. Like seriously, she doesn't cry (I know I am a dick for saying that and our subsequent children will be criers but...) I didn't know what to do.  I was solo, sweating and thought I should go to the emergency room.  Luckily we were in a house of mamas and they helped me calm her down and chill me out.  I love them all. And their babies. 
We had another baby play date with them just this week and it was so fun to see them all together. (Aaron thinks this is the creepiest picture ever because of the light coming in from the sliding door).
Addie had her 4 month old apt and took her shots like a boss. For real, cried for one second I picked her up and she was good to go. 
The nurses said they liked giving her shots since she "has a lot of surface area."  I had to take this picture of her mad with her band aids but honestly, she was just hungry and annoyed with me taking picture of her.
It's winter in Minnesota and I would be lying to say it isn't getting long.  We try to fill our days with playdates, short trips "to town" and fun adventures with my Seester and nieces.  But, some days we just do laundry and hang out.  Note my husband's awesome deer shirt. #hick
These two have really started bonding lately.  Rem is always by her side and she watches him like a hawk, usually grinning at him as he runs around the house.
I caught the sweetest moment the other day when Rem picked up his toy and dropped at at her feet.  He looked up at her like "here's my toy, let's be friends forever okay?" My heart of stone melted and I thought "maybe we will keep him after all."  Just kidding Aaron I love Rem and we will keep him ;)
Cousins. Their friendship and love for each other just kills me. Ivy (far left) cannot wait until Addie is big enough to run around with her.  Oh the trouble those two will cause. 

And that is month five.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of our girl...
Our Bug.
The Bugga.
Addie Cat.
Sugar Bear
Queen of Pork Chops
Oh Addison, how you have blessed us. 

Your little personality is starting to shine and we just adore you.  Our happy baby girl!


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