Addison's Baptism

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A few weeks ago our sweet little Addison was baptized into the church. Here are a few pictures from her special day.  Some are super blurry...not sure what was going on with my camera that day! 

I was nervous about how she would do in church since she is so busy these days and we had to sit in the front row!  Also there wasn't really an option to escape to the crying room since the baptism was woven throughout the church service.  But, she ended up doing great! To our surprise she conked out half way through! Seriously she never just falls asleep.

With Addie's Godparents, my brother Jeff and his wife Emily 
Then Addie woke up...Aaron's side of the family

Had to sneak one in when she was awake :)

Addie sure loves her Godmama 

Probably my favorite picture all day.  After the service Aaron and I went to go change her into her "casual" baptism day clothes since her dress wouldn't fit in her car seat.  Rocking the pearl necklace from her Godparents and the cut off onsie her dad made earlier in the day. A little bit of class a little bit of trash and a lot of special christening oil in her hair. Framing it. 

After church we went to my parents for brunch.  They have more space for 5 little girls to hang and some run around.  My mom and I worked hard to get things together and I was super happy about how it all came together!

Of course we had to get treats from the Cold Spring Bakery.

The next day Addie and I had to take some glamor shots at home since her dress wouldn't fit in the carseat.  My mom made her dress which turned out GORGEOUS! It was so much fun designing it! Addie is lucky to have such a talented Nana! 


We are so blessed to have this little light in our life.

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