Lake Week 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A few weeks ago we went on a week-long vacation with my family (my parents, brother, Seester (in-law), their three girls, my husband and Addison).  We had an awesome time, here are a few of my favorite pictures and moments of the week! 
Nothing starts vacation like a little trip to the Urgency Center.  Poor Addie has had a go lately with being sick.  She started off with a cold a month and a half ago (which my husband had too) then had strep (what baby gets strep!?), a lung infection, then right before we headed to the lake, Addie had a temp of 102.  My mom, who is a Nurse Practitioner said we should go get it checked out, just to be sure she doesn't have strep again.  So we did.  It was a "viral fever" and we were told to watch her and let it run it's course...for 3-4 days.  Addie had a fairly high fever for the first 4 days of vacation.  But honestly, it didn't really bother her, until nighttime.
We stayed at Campfire Bay Resort and as always absolutely LOVED IT!! The perfect distance from home, small but not too small, fun activities every day and the sweetest owners around! 
We finally made it! Cooling down in the pontoon with Daddy. 
Lake living.
My brother and his girls, checking out the lake.
My dad scored us this pontoon to use for the week!  It was awesome!!!!

The first morning we got up and took a little cruise around the lake.  Clearly this pontoon model, Mya, loved it :)
Addie wasn't impressed with her straight life jacket.

Eventually Addie gave in and just fell asleep.

We got back and Addie took her first dip in the lake!  It was pretty chilly but she liked it.
Is there anything better than little wrinkly baby toes?

Being silly in the morning.  You can tell by Aaron's face that we had a pretty rough night the night before. Unfortunately, it was not from partying, it was from a little one with a fever.
But she was still in a good mood!
On one of the cloudier days we headed to the Safari North Wildlife Park.  Seriously legit zoo for a smaller town in Minnesota!  We loved it!

It was set up so nice with winding trails through the forest for the North America exhibits
Complete with a giant bear for photo ops
And plenty of exhibits that clearly excited the little ones :)

You could also buy carrots and feed the giraffes which just happen to be my mom's favorite animal.  Nana was in heaven!

Ivy liked it quite a bit too
It was nice that Addie could get nice and close too, even in her stroller.
My favorite was hands down, the warthog.
Aaron and my brother were pretty proud that they "stared Black Death" in the eyes...and pet him.  I wish I would have got a better picture of this unbelievable moment. :)

After the zoo, we went out to eat at the Castaway Club on Lake Alexander.  We have been there twice now and will make it a tradition.  Perfect outside seating, great service and great for the kids to run around make a giant mess.
Cool kid.
Wednesday nights are Campfire Donut nights at Campfire Bay!
Needless to day, it is one of our favorite nights.
My mom and Aaron hanging out as far as the monitor would go.

Little girls anticipating campfire donuts
Which really are a thing of beauty

Powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar to top it off.
Or if you are like Ivy, "plain."  I wasn't alone in not choosing, we each ate about 6.  #sorrynotsorry
The next day was beautiful and full of sunshine!
The girls made a new pal and had a blast playing on the beach
This little one always has a blast. (ugh I just love her.)

Addie was a big fan of playing on the beach

Makes mama's heart happy that she is a little lake baby
That night we had a Low Country Boil.  More on that later :)
This one was hamming it up until her Uncle A realized she had something on her face.

Look at that little smile for her Uncle A.
We celebrated Ivy's 2nd birthday on vacation as well!  Unfortunately, I came down with a funky stomach bug so I didn't get many pictures.
But the smile on this little one made me feel much better.  Isn't she the cutest?!  

We had an amazing week even with a few sicky bugs mixed in!  We can't wait to go back again soon!  


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