Potato Salad

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let me start out with this....I love potato salad.  I love everything about it, creamy, crunchy, sour, salty, peppery.  Everything about a good potato salad I love! See how I emphasized that...good potato salad.  Guess what I hate...a bad potato salad.  Potato salad that only tastes like mayo or doesn't have any crunch, no thank you.  

Over a year ago, my friend Sam made an awesome potato salad for an event.  Seriously knock your socks off potato salad!  The crunch, the flavors everything was just perfection.  There are a few odd ingredients that threw me for a loop when I asked for the recipe but when all the flavors combine it really is amazing.  

Like all potato salads this recipe is quite the time sucker.  Especially if you make 15 pounds like I did for my nieces 1st birthday party. (note that the portions in the pictures are HUGE--triple batch). Totally worth it and of the 15 pounds there wasn't very much left! Total crowd pleaser!!! 

Give it a try at your next BBQ!! 


Musical Selection: King of Anything by Sara Barellies   Great traveling jam since I just landed in Seattle, WA today for work.  So if I seem a little MIA, that is why! I will do my best to take pictures of interesting/tasty food I try out here! 

 Start by chopping your veggies....celery.
 Radishes.  Yes, I was a little skeptic myself but trust me...once the flavors mingle you will be so happy.
 This reminded me of peppermint sticks...
And eggs...
Quarter the potatoes and boil until cooked...not mashed potato style cooked but firm.
Then start with the "sauce."  Mayo...yes I used all of this mayo.
White vinegar...
Mix together.  Yow, that was just the mayo sauce and veggies!!! I told you, tons of potato salad.
Take a look at that finished product! Topped with a little parsley.
Yum! As time consuming as this recipe is--it really pays off at the end!  Thanks for the recipe Sam!!! 

Amazing Potato Salad 
5lbs of red potatoes (unskinned) or 5lbs russet potatoes peeled 
6 hard boiled eggs, 
1/2 C green onion (or regular onion) finely chopped
1/2 C diced celery, 
5 stuffed olives diced
2 diced radishes
2 C Mayo 
1 large Tbls yellow mustard 
1 tsp salt
3 large Tbls sugar 
1 tsp vinegar.

Cook the potatoes so they are fork tender.  
Prepare the veggies and combine with remaining ingredients 
Dice potatoes and once cooled add to the mayo and veggies mixture.
Allow salad to stand in refrigerator over night

Recipe by: Sam :) 

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  1. I love your pictures that go along with your recipe. So very creative:)


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