Sunday, July 17, 2011

This past week I was in Seattle for work and wow was I blown away by this city.  Absolutely lovely weather--especially considering they are forecasting 80% humidity tomorrow--very nice people and GREAT eats!!  Here is a little summary of my trip--mainly consisting of food since the majority of the time we were sitting in conference rooms.  

 First stop, Pikes Brewery.  Great food and tasty, cold beer.  I had the summer seasonal Hefeweszen while my buddy and co-worker Gracie had the EPA. 
Along with my beer I had a peperoncini pizza.  Amazingly spicy. 
 While Gracie had a homemade bratwurst with apple sauerkraut and a stout whole ground mustard. 
Gum wall near the market.  This was SO crazy.  
So much gum. 
The Crumpet Shop was so adorable! 

 Gracie's crumpet--the Vermont with cream cheese, maple butter and walnuts. Amazing. I WILL be making crumpets and maple butter. 
 I had a savory crumpet with cheddar, ham and egg.  Along with an iced latte--great way to start the day! 
 Pike's Market. 

 Fresh produce at the market. 
 Such pretty cherries! 
 Cheese shop
 Champagne grapes.  In person they are SO tiny and adorable.
 The flowers blew me away.  SO gorgeous and sold for $10 or $15 each 
 Can you believe, $10 for this beautiful bouquet of flowers. 
 We asked a market worker where he would go to eat and he responded with out any hesitation, "Steel Head Diner."  So, here is Steel Head Diner. 
 Amazing herb oil, butter and whole grain bread. 
 I had the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich.  
 Gracie had the Kobe burger 
 AMAZING green beans in a garlic and preserved lemon sauce.  Top it off with toasted almonds, I will be trying to recreate this very soon! 
 The most decant thing I had the whole time--Poutine.  French fries, gravy and fresh cheese curds.  
 View across the street--where my cheese came from, no big deal.  
 What you think of when you hear Pike's Market--fish throwing.
 Skip from the market to dinner at the Elephant and Castle Pub. Pot stickers.
 Chicken Satay
 And bruschetta 
 A little brownie dessert...we were to excited and forgot to take a picture before we dug in
 Breakfast at the Daily Grill--Spanish scramble--peppers, cheese and cilantro along with avocado and breakfast potatoes. Amazing. Surprised by how well the cilantro and eggs went together.
 Gracie's breakfast--scrambled egg, everything bagel and a soy latte 

This is the day we presented so we skipped lunch but had a great dinner at Hotel Monaco.  I had the rotisserie chicken with a lemon garlic sauce, artichokes and purple potatoes. SO amazing.  Sorry, no picture though, we went to dinner with some big wigs around the country and it didn't seem appropriate. I will be recreating this chicken dish though! 
 The last morning I had my first crepe.  Wow, I was missing out HUGE!  The lady who was making the crepes was not too pleased when a different on looker took her picture so I had to sneak this one in...
 My crepe--ham, egg, swiss, fresh spinach and a white wine sauce. 

So that sums up my time in Seattle--mainly in food since that was the fun we got to have!

Stay tuned for a Cold Noodle Salad very soon!  

Happy to be back in Minnie!!! 

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  1. MMM - I am full just from looking at all this - I can't wait to get to Seattle sometime...looks delicious!


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