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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So since I am now a mom, and have been blogging about things besides cooking, I figured I would do a few giveaways of products that I love and make my "job" (being a mom) easier!  

Jamberry is one of those products.  If you haven't heard of Jamberry, you probably live under a rock.  No offense.  I bet you have at least noticed Jamberry nails before.  They are an easy and affordable way to get the cutest manicure without worrying about smudging or even stepping foot into a nail salon.  

My friend, Shantelle, sent me a little Jamberry care package to try them out!  I was a little skeptic since I had tried those "stick on" nails before from the drug store and let's just say it was a one time deal.  But not these, these Jamberry wraps are.the.jam.  Ha, I didn't even try to do that!  They are easy to measure, adhere, do not smudge and stay on for days!  Before I tried them on myself, I brought them to the biggest cridicts there are: 4 year olds.  We did "Frozen Nails" and they loved it!  
Start by sizing up the nails.  
Then Shantelle sent me a little Jamberry heater and I heated up the wrap, then pressed it gently onto the nail.  Then heated it up in front of the heater again, pressing out any bubbles. 
After that, just trim the little edges with either the scissors or I used a nail file and that's it! 
 Adorable nails with no smudging!
And let's be honest, has that EVER happened when you are working with 4 year olds!? 
Once I got the hang of it with the 4 year olds, I tried my hand (Seriously I didn't try to do that either!) on my own manicure.  

For Christmas.  Come on, how cute are those man-hands!?  I love these things!  There is no way I could do something that looks so cool on my own, that's why I love the wraps!  And, let's be honest, I don't have time to wait for several coats of nail polish to dry.  By the time it does, the baby is up and needing me to pick her up and then come smudge-city.  No good.  These wraps stay for quite a while too!  Jamberry says up to 2 weeks but I say at least 5 days but I'm a freak when it comes to peeling off nail polish.  I'm a picker...if it has an edge I'm under it and they are off.  But overall, they stay so nice until you want to take them off.

So, what do you think?  Are you ready to get your hands (HA, okay, I'm done) on these Jamberry wraps and try out a JAMICURE for yourself!?  Well lucky you, Shantelle and I have teamed up for a fun giveaway!  We are giving away 4 sets of wraps, you pick whatever style you would like!  I have my eyes on these Midnight Celebration and Champagne Toast wraps to try next!

Simply use the widget below to enter the giveaway.  It starts today (Tuesday, December 30th) and goes until Midnight on Friday, January 5th!  Be sure to check out the online Jamberry Bash that I am hosting as well.  If you make ANY purchase you will receive an additional THREE entries towards the giveaway!  Good luck and let me know if you have any trouble with the widget!

If you want to learn more about Jamberry, check out Shantell's Facebook page here!

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