High Five for Friday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

This is the most excited I have been for a High Five for Friday Post!  I have exciting news!!!! No, I'm not pregnant. Geez.  I feel like every time I have something exciting to say people thing I have a bun in the ov.  I don't.  But, something almost equally exciting.... Lets get to it! In order of occurrence...

Musical Selection: We Are Young by: Fun.  I CANNOT stop listening to this song. I have a problem.
 1. Saturday morning blogging.  This was pure perfection.  And yes, I shoot all my pictures for the blog with that dinky little camera.
 2.  Oh God.  Here it is.  the BIG news! We are getting a puppy!!!!  We picked him out last weekend and he will officially be ours next Wednesday.  Ugh, I could just EAT that face.
3. The Shamrock Shake Cupcakes I made.  Nuff said. 
4. D'Amico and Son's pizza at work.  I have a new obsession.  Salami and peperoncini.  So good.
5. Last but not least, a gift basket for our new bundle from my brother's family.  My sister (in-law) Emily is the most thoughtful and creative person I know!  Isn't this adorable!?  Oh and if you were wondering, we are naming our hound Remington hence the unstoppable name plate.  Please note there is a puppy vest in there and no matter what Mr. Schwartz says, he is wearing it.  Stay tuned.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  


  1. Cute pup! That's awesome! Incidentally I have a post coming this week called Puppy Care package - be sure to check it out! Oh and I love that song too! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Sarah! We can't wait to pick him up next week. I can't wait to hear about the puppy care package post! I will be tuning in for sure!

  2. Your new puppy is adorable!! Congratulations!!


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